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Indonesian Cyber Union


Tindakan menyalahkan hanya akan membuang waktu.
Sebesar apapun kesalahan yang Anda timpakan ke orang lain,
dan sebesar apapun Anda menyalahkannya,
hal tersebut tidak akan mengubah Anda

Janganlah pernah menyerah ketika Anda masih mampu berusaha lagi.
Tidak ada kata berakhir sampai Anda berhenti mencoba
Orang yang lemah tidak mampu memaafkan.
Memaafkan adalah ciri orang yang kuat

Kembangkan sikap untuk selalu menjadi lebih baik.
Membuat perbedaan yang kecil dalam tindakan
akan menghasilkan perbedaan yang besar dalam hasil yang diperoleh

Thanks All Friends
We Are Family
Mastah Just ILLUSION

Indonesian Cyber Union

©Indonesian Cyber Union

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Open Source Technology that we use

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. As of January 2013, PHP was installed on more than 240 million websites (39% of those sampled) and 2.1 million web servers.

Originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, the reference implementation of PHP (powered by the Zend Engine) is now produced by The PHP Group.While PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page, it now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, which is a recursive backronym.


The MySQL database server provides the ultimate in scalability, sporting the capacity to handle deeply embedded applications with a footprint of only 1MB to running massive data warehouses holding terabytes of information.

Platform flexibility is a stalwart feature of MySQL with all flavors of Linux, UNIX, and Windows being supported. And, of course, the open source nature of MySQL allows complete customization for those wanting to add unique requirements to the database server.

OSClass (E-Commerce)

Osclass is an open source project that allows you to easily create a classifieds website without any technical knowledge. By using this script, you can provide free advertising for items for sale, real estate, jobs, cars and many other!

osclass is an open source project that allows you to easily create a classifieds site without any technical knowledge. This project began in Barcelona in early 2011 and since then hundreds of people have generously collaborated. Get involved!


AJAX is not a new programming language, but a new way to use existing standards. AJAX is the art of exchanging data with a server, and updating parts of a web page - without reloading the whole page.

It is a group of interrelated Web development techniques used on the client-side to create asynchronous Web applications. With Ajax, web applications can send data to and retrieve from a server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page.

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